Nomadic Conservation: A South African Filmmaker’s Journey across the Seas to Inspire a Conservation Movement

Spurred on by his deep-rooted passion for nature, Zach Vincent has embarked on global adventures and created striking productions with the goal of bringing the environment to the forefront of the human conscience. Wanting to inspire change, Zach uses his biological background and talent in filmmaking to educate the public, promote awareness and encourage conservation.

From Cabo Talhado to Seal Mountain – Discovering the Robberg Magic

Robberg is a special place; one shrouded in mystery, steeped in history and abundant in natural wonders. Stepping onto the trail transports you into a world of tranquillity and peace, a world free from the white noise of our daily pressures. Take a moment to listen, to feel, to absorb the atmosphere… take a moment to discover the Robberg Magic.

Dune Restoration vs Sand Stabilisation

The use of the term “Dune Restoration” in scenarios where restoration measures are questionable and restoration goals undefined, is misleading and incorrect. Analysing three case studies in the Cape Peninsula it becomes clear that “Dune Restoration” is a pipe dream under current conditions and the term is rather used as a guise for personal gain.