I envision this blog encompassing a wide range of topics underpinned by a passion for Mother Nature and all her weird and wonderful attributes. Having an innate interest in all things biological that has been cultivated through experiences beginning with my earliest memory, when I was about two and a half years old, of hanging off my uncle’s shoulders while he showed me a terrarium full of runner moles in the Zoology Department at UCT; to performing my first C-Section at the age of six in an attempt to save three babies from a pregnant Cape skink that had been caught by Sam, the family spaniel. At that age, laying them out on the pavement to dry and get all that “gunk” off seemed like a good idea! Being told bedtime stories of how my Grandpa “befriended” two bottlenose dolphins, “Fish” and “Hoek”, during the summer of 1953 ignited my love for the ocean and my dream of being a Marine Biologist.

South Africa in all her breathtaking glory; and more specifically the awesome environment that is Kommetjie, a small village on the west coast of the Cape Peninsula; provided a rich backdrop growing up and allowed me to nurture my love for animals and the environment as a whole. I have always enjoyed questioning concepts and playing “Devil’s Advocate” in my pursuit for an understanding of the natural phenomena that occur daily across this big blue marble that we call home. The essence of this blog is to record various observations and chat about topics that will encapsulate my thoughts as well as aspects that I find interesting and relevant. “Conservation” and a “sustainable future” are more than just buzz words to me and as such I hope to be able to make an impact in how people perceive science and the environment.

I am a BSc graduate, with a double major in Zoology and Botany, from the Nelson Mandela University in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. I also spent a year in Scotland studying Marine Science at the Scottish Association for Marine Science and three years working through the Game Ranging and Wildlife Management course while volunteering at a local private game reserve. My key focus is on conservation biology, animal behaviour and rehabilitation while my other interests include photography and dog sledding. I am currently between projects and so plan to use this time “in limbo” to put my thoughts, observations and part-time projects out there for the enjoyment/perusal of the general public, and in so doing I hope to bridge the gap between the scientific and global communities.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

Sally & Tortoise

Me and a visiting leopard tortoise in 1988

Addo Contemplation

One of my favourite places… Zuurkop Lookout in the Addo Elephant National Park

        ***All the photographs and videos on this site were taken by me, unless otherwise stated***

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  2. This is priceless; your blog is like a coffee table book! I love the photos, and especially the caracul! What a wonderful endorsement of all that is magical in South African wild life! May your blog go from strength to strength.

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